Why us?

How do you hire an expert sales-focused marketeer without adding another name to your payroll list? Simple: call in The Bristol Bridge.

With more than 25 years’ experience in agency-side marketing services, founder Lindsey Sandom-Brown has managed everything from small-scale projects for micro-businesses to complex programmes for household name brands.

Lindsey Sandom-Brown - Experience Word CloudShe is well-versed in a wide range of key disciplines, and has built her career on her ability to find new customers – both for herself and for her clients – and to build strong, lasting, profitable relationships with them.

Lindsey’s contacts book underpins the connection facility that allows The Bristol Bridge to bring the best marketing services providers on board; creating a virtual team that can meet the needs of your bespoke plan.

lindseysandom-brown_photo2Previous clients have described Lindsey as an ‘innovative and creative marketeer’, ‘an expert in her field’ and ‘a huge asset to the team’.  Lindsey’s LinkedIn profile gives more detail of her experience along with comments and recommendations from people she has worked with.

Working with The Bristol Bridge allows you to tap into 25 years’ sales & marketing experience and ensures you have access to the most appropriate technologies & the best suppliers for your business. We provide a flexible level of expert resource that will drive sales and see your business flourish.

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